woodwind instruments

Woodwind instruments

The term ‘ woodwind instruments’ is an umbrella term and does encapsulate an array of instrument types. This basically means wind instruments those were in use since the medieval times. These are quite different from the percussions or the string instruments which are of ancient origin as well. In those days instruments were widely in vogue in the courtly ambience where those were being played for the minstrels or the troubadours. It was an art which was quite valued. After all, playing wind instruments was not an easy job and that too for the nobility was never a cake walk.

wood wind instruments
wood wind instruments

A few famous woodwind instruments:

Some of the very common woodwind instruments that were widely in vogue were;

  • Sackbut
  • Shawm
  • Bagpipe
  • Pipe
  • Flute
  • Tabor

And the interesting part is, most of these instruments are still used in the today connection but are somewhat modified in their structure or usage techniques.

wood wind instruments
wood wind instruments


The term woodwind instruments itself is enough to mirror that the instruments are made out of wood and are used with the help of flowing wind. The holes along a tube or a pipe (wooden) along the body used to be important for the entrance and exit of the airflow. The air circulation was the basic mechanism. These were quite intricately made and scientifically designed.

The manufacturing of such complicated, intricate woodwind instruments in those days projects the development of science and how that inter mingled with art and aesthetics too.

  • The recorder and the flageolet have been some of the basic instruments with holes on them.
  • The bagpipe has limited usage these days.
  • Flute and pipe are really common and easily found in the today connection.
  • Trumpets are widely in vogue and also an array of trumpets are manufactured and used these days which depends upon the pitch and frequency of the sound and tune produced.

Some of the exceptional instruments:

Multifarious woodwind instruments were invented and used those days but some were really exceptional such as;

  • The crumhorn , which was introduced as a double read instrument
  • The lizard was a curved horn used exceptionally for tunes
  • Cornett was a long tube with finger holes
  • Ocarina was oval in shape rather egg shaped , it was a mouthpiece that had finger holes just like the others had

Other than these, we can also name few other quite exceptionally used woodwind instruments such as hautboy, English horn, bombard, oboe, trombone, tube and so on and so forth. The ancient musicians were really skilled in using these instruments which projects their taste and skill for art and aesthetics too. These woodwind instruments have their origin long back and still are in use, this follows the trait of ancient music and legacy. Also, these were intricate designs and hence, many could not be imbibed in the later years and hence, got extinct. But some are still used and manufactured but with a  modified design, serving the same purpose.



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