Popular Victorian Era Last Names of People

It is time to look into another interesting aspect of the Victorian era. Here is a review on Victorian era last names. If you are looking for Victorian last names to use in your play / story as character names, why not try our random name and surname generator.

You must be wondering what is so great in surnames so as to examine them. Well, last names chosen in times immemorial and passed on as legacy from generations to generations reveal the history of an era.

As we now observe a changing trend in names, we may not find much variation in surnames during earlier days. An alteration in surnames happen only due to vital reasons and studying them will help us to understand the customs, practices, and fashions of ever changing times.

It is believed that last names acquired a status in England around the twelfth and the thirteenth century. It was only then it was decided that last names should be made hereditary. Hence in a family tree the last name occurred in consecutive generations.

Many historians have often associated last names with the Victorian era, but we can never conclude that last names were unique during the Victorian era. Tennyson, Kipling, Browning, Dickens, Gladstone and Disraeli were some of the popular last names during the Victorian times.

It is a well established fact that last names relates to an era, time or a period in history. Last names also have a close link with ethnicity. Stories that narrate the events of Victorian era provide a base for this finding. If you notice, most of the Victorian characters we came across in novels are from Great Britain. British sounding last names such as James, Jones and Smith are examples.

During the Victorian era, many people had last names favouring their trade, occupation or business. For instance, carpenter, blacksmith and shoemakers had last names reflecting their trade. As time passed by last names became a status symbol in society.

It is said that new last names were created during the Victorian era. There were various reasons and one of them being migration. The English had migrated to Ireland and settled there. But they were not able to speak, read or write Irish Gaelic and new last names were to be formed. The Irish last names are not what they were formerly. Thus the immigrants of the Victorian era changed their names and new last names were added onto the pages of Victorian era last names.

Biblical names were quite popular in the Victorian era and names were borrowed from New Testaments and the Old Testament. National leaders, Political leaders, Religious leaders, Military leaders, Martyrs were an inspiration to people and a new phase of naming practices was observed in the Victorian era. There were occasions when an ancestors name became a middle name or last name of a person.

The following are some of the Victorian era last names found in old land survey records: Stanbury, Hopkin, Godwin, Baldwin, Whitlock, Hayward etc. One who is interested in finding more Victorian era last names may find them in archives of museums and libraries, census records, genealogy records, ship passenger records and family albums. See more more last names during Victorian era.

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