Greek fire

Greek fire

The Greeks were valiant fighters and hence, the methods, the war techniques, the weapons, arms and ammunitions used by the army were also quite different. The Greek fire for example is an amazing portrayal of the developing war techniques then and the technological advancements too.

The basic technique was to launch a missile with explosives that used to create a bombastic explosion with huge burning fire that were used to attack upon castles and forts to have a strong defence mechanism built against the opponents , rather for defeating them .

The Nitti gritties of Greek fire:

The basic component used to be a liquid that ignited fire when it came in contact with water. This proves the development in the field of chemical science in those days too. These used to create a great turbulence and the sparks used to spread massively in all possible directions. Coming in contact with water this Greek fire, rather this chemical liquid used to burn with massive fumes and produced much heat.

greek fire
greek fire

The secrets of composition of Greek fire:

The composition was a top secret but many assumes that the Greek fire was made out of combining petroleum and oil , but others say , quick lime was mixed with bitumen , sulphur , resin , pitch and salt peter . These assumptions go like this.

The twist in the story:

It is really majestic that in those days the scientific advancement in research in the field of chemical science was so huge that this Greek fire could not be extinguished by water. In fact pouring water upon the devastating fire could enhance the burning of the flames more and more. People used to stop the fire by putting either sand, or urine, or salt may be.

The first attack; Greek fire:

At the siege of Constantinople, the Greek fire was used for the very first time against the Arabs.

Inventor: Kallinikos

More about Greek fire:

Thunder and immense smoke used to curl up when this Greek fire was used. This was almost like a break thought in the domain of medieval war strategy. The Greek fire is also called liquid fire. The main mechanism was to load a tube filled with this liquid fire and then launch the Greek fire by using catapults.

greek fire
greek fire

A few limitations; Greek fire:

This required a calm sea and favourable wind conditions to be used. This was a draw back. Another major hindrance was that it could be used at a shorter range of distance. This being a really strong weapon used to defeat every opponent army but still had features and functions to be developed.

This Greek fire has been a popular topic in literature for many ages, and has been used in films as well. The recipe of the liquid chemical component was quite guarded but people really tried to unravel the secret in those days.


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